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The Vancouver Island Spine Trail

June/July 2016

Sarah Seads, the owner and founder of local fitness business Equilibrium Lifestyle Management (ELM), is widely known in local running and fitness circles. Throughout this year, Seads – an avid ultra runner with a background in kinesiology and sports psychology - will be exploring the Vancouver Island Spine Trail, a 700km trail passing the length of Vancouver Island, from Cape Scott Provincial Park in the north to the capital city of Victoria in the south. 

Some sections have not yet been built, but as new sections of trail are completed, Seads will be running deeper and deeper into the heart of Vancouver Island along the Spine Trail, documenting each leg and creating trail reports to help others plan and complete their own adventures on the trail. 

“I have known about the Spine Trail for years,” explains Seads, “but this year the Spine committee has really made a lot of progress with the trail. They just keep persevering to realize their vision.”

 “Once completed,” adds Seads, “the Vancouver Island Spine Trail will create a lasting legacy for islanders and adventurers from around the world.” The trail will take explorers deep into the heart of the island and provide access to some of the most beautiful wild spaces that exists anywhere in the world.

She will tackle the trail in multiple ultra running adventures, with the goal of raising awareness of the Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association and their epic 700km trail vision. 

 “This trail will travel along wild coastlines, over alpine ridges, through ancient forests and it will connect the diverse communities that stitch this amazing island together,” she adds. “Once complete, this trail will truly be legendary.”

Sarah Seads is the owner and founder of Equilibrium Lifestyle Management. She can be reached at

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