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Pieter Vorster is the owner of CP-SMS, which provides personal, practical guidance in the basic tools of social media to help you find your own online presence.

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Finding your online presence

Pieter Vorster, CP-SMS
Nov/Dec 2013

If you’ve followed my previous articles here in the Comox Valley Business Gazette, you will have learned a bit about how to use the Internet, and current online tools and trends, to help promote your business or organizational mandate.

So let’s assume for the moment that you’re now set up with a functional and attractive website, containing a blog element, which you use as the core of your online communications. Let’s also assume that it’s supported by consistently branded social media channels that drive traffic to your website. What now?

Now is when you start to really find your online presence. You and your business are unique. Odds are you have a specific offering and a distinguishable personality. Your customers most likely keep coming back because they need what you have to offer and like the way you do business. Over time, you build lasting relationships with them, which requires ongoing input.

CP­SMS strongly believes that it is this UNIQUE YOU that you want to reflect with your online activities. Regularly posting relevant content to your website’s blog element may very well help you perform better in online rankings, but first and foremost it provides the opportunity to create personal engagement between you and your audience. Sharing your social content – or stories, if you prefer – through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook allows you to further engage your reader and enrich that relationship.

Over time, and with a few learned lessons under your belt, you’ll start to find that these efforts are what create your online presence – a presence that is searchable (i.e. #insertyournamehere) and serves as a public record of who you are, what you do and how you go about it.

In conclusion, I can say from personal experience(s) that online followers appreciate consistency in communication and are much more likely to respond to, and interact with, a person or business to which they feel some personal connection. If you can establish and maintain that online relationship, and confirm it in real time, you’re already a step ahead of your competitors.




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